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Water Quality Test Strip

Green Bean Babies

Diaper Accessories


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Determining the quality of your water can be a vital part of ensuring that your cloth diaper laundry routine is going to work most effectively for you. Knowing that you have hard water can help you decide whether you should choose a differently formulated detergent or adjust your wash routine to include water softeners.

Here in New Jersey most people have hard water. Hard water can leave mineral deposits in your diapers and as such that can contribute to the dreaded ammonia smell. Removing those minerals will help keep your diapers fresh and clean.

This tiny little test strip might just be the most important thing you buy for your cloth diapers. 

Order the test strip and we'll send you a sample of laundry detergent. 

We have priced the strip at $0.50 to factor in our basic shipping level of $3.95 so that you are only paying for the cost of the items and the shipping. We make nothing on this because we want to help you succeed with your wash routine!