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Our Vision

Green Bean Babies was founded in early 2011, after the birth of our son Gabriel. Prior to his birth, we knew that it was important to us to live a green lifestyle. We did many of the “mainstream” things— reusable shopping bags, water bottles, extensive recycling, converting to HE appliances and energy- saving fixtures--however, we didn’t know how to translate that into parenting! During my pregnancy, I did much research on cloth diapering, baby wearing and breastfeeding, but the research and information was overwhelming and without a “hands-on” opportunity to explore options I felt confused.

After Gabriel’s birth, I became more committed to wanting to be a green parent. Breastfeeding was a huge success and I wanted to learn all I could about parenting in a more natural way. I scoured websites and online stores for information on cloth diapers and baby carriers, investing money to try out products, even if I wasn’t sure they were for me. The entire time I kept thinking, if only this information was more clearly available and if only there was a store near me where I could see before I buy! Then, as my knowledge grew, Mark and I thought, why not? Let’s do it ourselves.

Green Bean Babies was born with a passion to help customers find natural parenting means that fit their lifestyle and needs. We hope to offer online and in-person accurate and simplified information and education to help guide you in your adventures with cloth diapers, baby wearing and earth-friendly fashions and fun. We are currently searching for a perfect retail location in Northern New Jersey, but we can offer immediate one-on-one or group consultations and classes on cloth diapering with samples of many of the most popular styles and brands. In the future, we expect to include classes in our retail location on baby-wearing, natural childbirth and breastfeeding.

We look forward to welcoming you and your Green Bean!
Heather and Mark Truscinski

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