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Pre-folds & Fitteds

Prefolds* - Prefolds are rectangle-shaped diapers that can be folded in a multitude of patterns to fit your baby. Like Fitteds they are only the absorbent part of a diaper and are usually worn with a diaper cover. The prefold may be fastened with a Snappi or just held in place by the cover. Prefolds are almost always made of cotton, often organic, and are a less expensive, very absorbent option that works well for newborns.However, like Fitteds, changes can take a little longer (though some fold styles are much quicker), and some prefold folds have a little learning curve to get right.

Fitteds* - Fitted diapers consist of an absorbent fabric (often organic cotton, hemp or bamboo), fitted with waste and leg elastics, that fastens at the waist with snaps or hook-and-loop tabs. Fitteds are not waterproof and are typically used in combination with a diaper cover. Fitteds are easy to use and some (usually cotton) may be less expensive than the All-In-Ones/All-In-Twos/Pocket diapers. However, changes can take a little longer since first you put on the fitted, then you put on a cover.

* These types of diapers are not waterproof and require the use of a cover.