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Magic Bum - Body Magic EC - 25% OFF

Magic Bum

Natural Health & Care


Body Magic EC is a combination of all natural oils that soothe and moisturize the skin in ways that other products can't. This particular formulation is designed to treat the itching associated with severe dry skin and eczema. Although the ingredients are the same as the original Body Magic, the proportions are completely different. Lanolin has also been added to help lock in the moisture for even longer than before.

The mixture contains coconut oil, tea tree oil, vitamin E, lanolin and four other natural oils that blend together to form a uniquely effective product.  Unlike original Body Magic, there is a noticable tea tree oil scent to the product which some customers find unpleasant.  Adding a fragrance can help but, as always, we recommend unscented for use on babies and children. 

* This product is NOT intended as a diaper rash remedy. Please use only Magic Bum products or unscented Body Magic for your little ones. 

Note: We currently only stock the 1 oz & 2 oz sizes, however, if you would like the larger 4 oz size you can purchase it and we will ship it to you separately from other items you order.